Corporate Profile

Date of incorporation : 07th day of March, 1959
Registration number : 0000984
National tax number : 0710139-2
Sales tax registration number : 04-03-2900-001-82
Phone number : 041-8752111-4, 041-8750363-4
Facsimile number : 041-8750366
E.Mail address : info@crescentsugar.com
Website : crescentsugar.com

Crescent Sugar Mills & Distillery Limited ( CSM ) holds, and will continue to hold, a leading position among sugar, industrial alcohol and yarn manufacturers in Pakistan. CSM’s activities are guided by the highest standards and principles of business conduct as accepted by the national as well as international business community.

Crescent Sugar Mills & Distillery Limited is proud of its reputation, its honest treatment of customers, directors and employees. The professionalism of management and employees of CSM and the corporate principles and ethics abided by them continue to be an essential factor in the development of the company. These factors continue to shape and strengthen its present position in the business community. We believe that adherence to these principles is key to a successful future for Crescent Sugar Mills & Distillery Limited.

Crescent Sugar Mills & Distillery Limited operates in an emerging economy. Following the principles of good corporate citizenship, CSM is committed to setting an example of high ethical and proper business practices. It is our belief that adherence to the principles of corporate governance and transparency sets the tone for the ongoing development of our industry and the economy in which we operate.

Pakistan is CSM’s home. As such, we are committed to increasing wealth in Pakistan and we have made this, one of our business priorities.

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